How TO Create All Star Profile On Linkedin

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Many of you have heard about linkedin. It is a social app where we can find more peoples with the similar interest. Here i am going to give you some easy steps to follow to get all star profile.

Follow these steps to create an all star profile on linkedin. Click on the link given below.

All Star Profile

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artificial intelligence tutorials

artificial intelligence notes
Click on the link above to know about artificial intelligence in details.

Here you can findout the introduction of AI.

 The history of AI from where this concept has started and also..

The application of AI in different fields of science and nature.

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Amazing And Cool Websites Part-1



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Its Raushan Kumar(rk) back with another blog “Amazing and Cool Websites to Use PART-1”.I have listed these kind of websites
on the basis of 3-E.




In the first blog i have listed the websites which are useful in the field of Education and Research.As we all know that 21th century has given a big advancement in the field of Technology.In this blog i will suggest you some
really intresting websites which will be useful in your education.Their are several students which want to study but due to any reasons they are not able
to pay the fees or are living far of the education center, then this blog might help those students or person.

List of Educational Websites:-

It is the Website on which you can get free video tutorials which will be helpful to you while studying.As we know that videoes
are easily understandable to anyone and also is comfortable. so this website is useful.



This is the Another important websitewhich is used to learn the formulas of the MATHEMATICS.Using this website
will feel you comfortablein the mathematics.This website has the collection of all the formulas of mathematics.



In this website you can learn any type of courses by seeing the videos.The speciality of this website is that
It is free and has a nice collection of the videos related to any course you want to study.



This is the another similar website which you can use to learn online. This website has the collection of
videos essential to study any courses.



This is also the important website for the student who want to prepare themself for the all diffrent types
of the compitative examinations.On this website you will get aptitude test which is useful for all compitative exams including apti round in placements.




This is one of the amazing websites in which you are able to see the astronomical facts.Here
you can see milkyway galaxy computer model.You can just see the deep view of the universe.




This is the cool website on which you can put your own creative ideas to the users and also
it provides you to make online notes. which you can use wherever you want. this is a very useful websites in our daily life especially
in the field of ebucation.




My Name is Raushan kumar and i am persuing my from N.I.E.T gr.Noida. My one of the common hobbie is writing blogs.
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UPSC Syllabus part-2 by RaushanKumar(rk)

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Its  RAUSHAN KUMAR (rk) back again with a new blog  “Is UPSC Your Dream Part-2”.If you have not seen my previous blog which was about some part of upsc exam and Prilims Syllabus.


In this blog we are going to discuss the syllabus of MAINS Examination.


This is the main part of this UPSC examination.It consist of 9 papers.Out of
which 2 Papers are Qualifying only.(Marks of these two subject will not be added
in the final marks.


PAPER-A:-(300 marks)

This paper is of any one indian language included in eight schedule to indian constitution.

Important :-If you belong to Sikkim,Nagaland,Meghalaya,Mizoram,Manipur and Arunachal pradesh then these papers are not necessary   for you.

PAPER-B:-(300 marks)

This Paper is compulsory to All Students.

NECESSARY PAPERS:-(1750 marks)

PAPER-1:-(250 Marks)

This is the 5th  paper of the UPSC out of 12 Papers. Essay  Writing which is written in the indian language selected by the students.

PAPER-2:-(250 Marks)

General Studies-1

  • Culture and indian Heritage.
  • History.
  • Geography of world and society.

PAPER-3:-(250 Marks)

General Studies:-2

  • Constitution.
  • Governance.
  • Social Justice.
  • Polity.
  • International Relations(IR).

PAPER-4:-(250 Marks)

General Studies-3

  • Economic Development
  • Technology
  • Environment Biodiversity
  • Disaster management and security.

PAPER-5:-(250 Marks)

General Studies:-4

  • Aptitude.
  • Integrity.
  • ethics.

PAPER-6:-(250 Marks)

Optional paper-1

This could contain any of the listed subject in which some are:- Geography
Mathematics,Public Administration, History etc……

PAPER-7:-(250 Marks)

Optional Paper-2

Same paper will be from your selected subjects.

—   —   —   —    —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —    —   —   —

INTERVIEW(275 Marks):-

  • General Interest.
  • Personal suitability.
  • Mental caliber.
  • Leadership.
  • Social Cohesion.
  • Variety.Depth of Interest.

The interview is also called as the personality test. in this exam the ability
to deal the difficult situations are being tested.


There are lots of book available but i have given you the most common books name,

There are lots of book available but i have given you the most common books name.:—-

  • Indian Polity by :–M. Laxmikant(latest edition).
  • A Brief History Of Modern India by :–Rajiv Ahir,Spectrum.
  • History of Modern India by:– Bipin Chandra.
  • NCERT:- 6th to 10th (all social science and science) and 11th and 12th (all social science and some chemistry ).
  • India after Gandhi  or India Before Independence (Summary notes).
  • Geography :– G.C. Leong.
  • Atlas:- Oxford/ Black Swan.
  • Indian Economy by :– Sanjiv Verma
  • Environmental And Ecology :– Videos on youtube.
  • Economic Servey:–(Latest Edition).
  • Ethics:– Subha Rao.

Useful Notes:-


  • The hindu.
  • Yojana
  • Previous Year Papers.Coaching Notes(if you Have).
  • There are many other websites also available to learn about the UPSC exam.


There are 12 papers out of which 4 are just for qualifying.2025 marks paper is total including 275 for interview.If you have decided that UPSC is your dream then just do it, because it is not easy.This Examination is the 2nd tough exam of the world.

If you have any  queries  about any of these blogs or want to know anything related to the

UPSC exam then mail me:- 


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IS UPSC Your Dream Then Just go For It..(Something about UPSC)

Hi Everyone,
Its me RAUSHAN Kumar(rk) back with another blog “Something About UPSC”.
As we all know that the advancement in the field of technology has bought revolutionary  changes in every field.So if your dream is to became an ias or ips or any other govt. officer then this  blog may be helpful to you in the sense that it contain the complete description of the upsc prelims syllabus.

The UPSC(Union public Service Commission) Exam has two mainly three stages:-

  2. MAINS



PAPER-1 SYLLABUS:-(200 marks)

  1. Current affairs and current events of international and national importance.
  2. General science.

3. General issues on:-    

     a)climate change

b)Environmental ecology

c) Biodiversity.

4. Indian National Movements and History of india.

5. World and Indian Geography :-

a)Right Issues.

b)Physical geography of india and world  

c)Economic geography of india and world.

d)Social geography of india and world.

6.Indian polity and governance:-

a) Constitution.

b)Public Policy.

c)Political system.

d)Panchayati Raj.


      7. Social development and Economic:-

              a)Social sector initiatives.

b)Sustainable development.




PAPER-2 SYLLABUS:-(200 marks)

  1. Problem Solving and Decision Making.
  2. General mental ability.
  3. Comprehension.
  4. Data Interpretation:-  a)Chart.  b)Graph.  c)Tables.  d)Data Sufficiency.(Xth -level)
  5. Basic Numeracy:- a)Number and their relation.     b)Order of magnitude.
  6. NCERT BOOKS ( 5th to 12th)
  7. Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning.
  8. Interpersonal skills including COMMUNICATION  SKILLS.

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The Unplaned Tour To Agra



Hi  friends,

                   I (RAUSHAN KUMAR) am back with my new blog  “AN UNPLANNED TRIP TO AGRA”.

  I clearly remember the day thrusday  (22nd dec  2k16) and time was around  “7 pm”,my phone rang and it was my one of the best childhood friend “akhilesh”.Me and akhilesh had studied together from 3rd to 8th class at government school in village.

I have decided to go to the delhi zoo together after the semester exams ends, because after spending 3 years at patna we haven’t spent a better  time  together.when he called me , i was talking with my my roommates and a friend to plan a trip to agra. But as per i think that plan my not going to work.So  i have changed my plan suddenly from delhi zoo  to Agra.

On phone i told him to come to my flat at gr.noia and stay the night there,and in morning we will move to agra by bus sharp 8:00 am.BUT he toid me that  he will come sharp 8:00am early morning  at parichawk.I haven’t sleeped whole night thinking about trip and specially to meet akhilesh.From here the actual trip starts:—-

                                                                                 On 23rd dec 8:00am as told we both reached at parichawk and get a bus to agra.After a small journey of 3hr at 11:00 am we reached agra.Frist we decided to visit the “TAJ MAHAL”.Here we realised the biggest mistake :–“Taj Mahal is closed on friday”.The moment when we saw that taj is closed,we became “Glum”.

 Then we decided to visit the Agra fort which was near the taj mahal.we reached Agra fort at 12:00 pm by auto. One thing about auto drivers and local people that” the never loose the chance to cheat you”.Thats apart we enjoyed a lot at the agra fort.then we decided to visit “imadul –al-dohha”.

                        We reached visit “imadul –al-dohha” at 2:30 pm. This is also known as “akbar ka makbara”.we visted this place and taken some pictures of beautiful things.then after we decided to visit “MEHTAB BAGH”.

Reached mehtab bagh 3:00 pm .the speciality of this Greden is that from this Gardenis that we can visit the backside of the taj mahal along with Yamuna river.we enjoyed the view of taj from that bagh.after that I told him to get return to gr.noida because on 24th dec their was my practical exam. He became agree but i saw his face ,he was not happy nethier me was happy because  “Agra means Taj” .but due to my practical exam i was cancelling my plan.

Then i thought a way to manage that we will visit taj early  morning at 7 and get returned at 10:30 am at collage by bus.I told my best friend “RAJAT” to bring my files to collage for practical.then we started moving by foot  from mehtab bagh to agra fort railway station which was around 3.5 km by gps.

As this trip was unplanned we didn’t take charger with on moving further our mobile shutdown on “bijli house golchhakar”.at time around 6:00pm we reached agra fort railway was off so first have to charge it so we gone to the shop and bought a jacket of a baby for  150rs. And charged the mobile for 1hr.After that the first problem came to stay at room.As i told u the nature of peoples at agra,they just told that much amount that we can’t afford at that time because their was no cash nearby we changed the plan and decided to stay at station.

We first eat the famous sweet of agra so called  “PETHA”.and also taken some timepass “Mungfali” to spend the night at station.First we thought that the night will be just boring but our assumption were wrong.there was a big firewood at the gate of stationwhere we spent 5hr just enjoying the peoples talk.As britishers  have told about india that”Indian people can give the suggestion for any task occurring in the world at anytime”. We just enjoyed the night till 11:00 pm.

After that we slept for 2-3 hr in waiting room.the intresting thing about the station is that it was built in “1905”.well designed and structured  properly.then we wake up at 4:00 am and went to the firewood and get heat till 5 am.after that we get freshed and started walking to taj, as Morning walk.

We reached taj at 6:00am and booked ticket and came in line .at 7 am the gate was opened and we entered taj.IT was a nebulous sight but was very realistic and awesome..!!!!!!!!. Now we were at the center tomb of taj mahal. We took some selfiee with taj and also the beuty around taj.Seeing  taj  in fogg was also a different moments it looks much   beautiful .after visiting taj we came out to take bus form idgan bus stand.

But form their no buses were to parichawk,then after a long drama and angry moments we finally took bus from “isbt” to parichawk.


1.To enjoy the journey first plan everything properly.

2.Doesn’t depend on locals suggestions,take help of gps only.

3.enquiry about every place where to visit properly.

4.Safety is the first and last policy.!!!!


Why To Suicide..


Why people commit suicide ???

My name is Raushan Kumar and I am writing a blog on this particular topic..

Now a days as the technology, science, and society…   Is increasing the mentality of human being changes with time to time..

Following are the main reasons why peoples suicide::–

1.) They  are depressed:-

main reason is people get dipressed ,thinking the  problems. They doesn’t try to find solution of that.

From my view people  should try hard to get out of his/her depression.

2.)They feel alone:-

They started to feel alone due to which the mentality becomes “no one cares me”.

So from my view  the family member and friends also  cooperate the people.

3.) Loses Hope:-

People give up its hope and shut down its mind to think.don’t put up his  hope and be bold.

This is my opinion that problems are like stroms which when collide with rock then they stills..

so”Be a rock”.

4.) Pressure on mind:-

Working day creates a lot of stress and pressure due to which people feels pressurized.

So my opinion is “Always take a gap between the work”.

5.) Management of power:-

Every people tries to do more and more success in his life.due to which they doesn’t think about his power …and when due to less power work fails they feels depressed and commit suicide.

So my opinion is”work within your ability”.

Finally I want to say that after 80 life’s people gets human life’s (approx) .so please please don’t waste it,enjoy it as this is the last day of your life.seriously you will enjoy the life….